An Affordable Guide for White Teeth

I get asked all the time what I do to get my teeth so white. Recently I have found budget friendly products that not only whiten my teeth, but clean them. So you can say goodbye to those expensive teeth whitening strips or gels that cause horrible sensitivity and damage to the bank account.

Here is my guide to a clean and white smile.


  • Brush your teeth

You’re probably thinking okay this is obvious but hear me out. It is so vital to brush your teeth AT LEAST TWICE a day. Not any less. I brush my teeth for at least two minutes each time. At the end brush the roof of your mouth and tongue really well. This is where a lot of the germs hide and can cause bad breath.




  • Get a Good Tooth Brush

DON’T use the basic toothbrush. Get an electric toothbrush. Trust me you will notice a difference. I can’t use a regular toothbrush anymore because I feel like my teeth aren’t clean. Some can get pretty pricey.

Below is the tooth brush I’m currently using called Quip.

Quip is an affordable electric toothbrush you can order online. You can pick metal or plastic. Every 3 months they send you a new head for 5 dollars. (Btw yours supposed to change your toothbrush every 3 months). It’s electric. It runs off batteries so you don’t have to worry about charging it. It has a timer and goes off after two minutes.  It’s basically an Apple product for your teeth. Below is a link that the website. Sign up through here and you can get your first head replacement for free!




  • My Favorite Mouth Wash

I use my mouth wash about twice a day. Not only does it help whiten my teeth and eliminate stains, it give me fresh breath and clean teeth. I always do this after brushing my teeth. I use Crest 3D White Luxe (Glamorous White).

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  • Toothpaste

I use Crest 3D White Brilliance + Advanced Stain Protection. It basically does the same things as the mouthwash I listed above. It gives 12 hours of protection from stains and so much more. This has really made a difference in my teeth.


  • Activated Charcoal

If you don’t have an Activated Charcoal powder or toothpaste, get it. I get mine from TJ Maxx. It can be messy so I do it in the shower with a regular toothbrush. It will stain your toothbrush so I recommend getting a cheap one just for the activated charcoal. I have both powder and toothpaste. I personally like the powder better because it becomes a paste and polishes your teeth.




  • Whitening Strips

I use the cheapest Crest White Strips I can find. I can find some at dollar general for about $15. I have used the whitening gel with the light and that works well too, it just costs more. I will say first hand, any Crest Whitening Strips work. (Even the cheaper ones.)




I could go on and on, but this post would be ridiculously long. As always if y’all have any questions please ask. I love feedback and questions. Feel free to subscribe to see when I post.

Much love.



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