Delicious, Healthy and Simple Chicken Wrap


This Chicken Wrap is basically what I always pack for lunch. It’s something I can do the night before. It’s healthy and super filling. Its not expensive and it involves no cooking. It’s okay if you don’t like some of the ingredients I use. Make it your own. I like to change it up sometimes just to have something different. You can take away, add, or replace ingredients. Whatever works best for you!


Spinach Wrap (Tortilla)




Peppers (any kind)


Sliced Chicken Breast (Or whatever meat you prefer)





****** You do not have to use what I use this is just I prefer

Preparation and Tips:

  • 1. First I start with my spinach wrap, sometimes two depending on the size. If you don’t want to do spinach but still want something healthy get a wheat wrap/tortilla. I think the spinach wrap adds more flavor.


  • 2. Next I smear hummus. I like the red pepper or garlic hummus. Then I get a fresh avocado, cut and press it, then smear it on my hummus. If you don’t have time just use store bought guacamole. (That can add more calories). These together are my substitution for mayonnaise and mustard. You don’t have to use both or either.


  • 3. The easiest and cheapest way to do the tomatoes is to buy already diced canned tomatoes. I don’t have time and money to buy fresh tomatoes and do this. I also eat a lot of tomatoes so canned is just easier for me. You can do grape tomatoes, green tomatoes, diced tomatoes, or even pico de gallo.


  • 4. This is what adds the most flavor to me. PEPPERS! I basically add peppers to everything. My veggie noodles, my long string green beans, my soups and any vegetables. I use sweet mini peppers because they aren’t too spicy. They are also super cheap at Aldi and super easy to slice. You can use bell peppers, jalapeños, banana peppers, sweet peppers, or all of them.


  • 5. I don’t always add lettuce because unfortunately I rarely have lettuce around the house and I’m super picky with my lettuce. When I do have it I add it. You could also add spinach. Super yummy and super healthy.


  • 6. Personally my favorite meat for a sandwich or wrap is sliced chicken breast. You can get this at a deli or already packaged at your local grocery store. You could do turkey, roast beef,  or ham. There are really so many options.


  • 7. I always use pepper jack cheese because that is my favorite cheese ever!


  • 8. Now if you are like me your wrap is probably huge. To seal it I use hummus on the ends, stick a tooth pick on each end and then cut it right in the middle. This makes it easier to eat and to carry if needed.


If you have any questions, comments, ideas, or anything feel free to comment or contact me.

Thank you for reading. I hope y’all have a blessed day! Love y’all.





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