Tone it up: Bikini Series 

Here is a challenge for all of you. I recently joined Tone it up’s Bikini Series. It started this Monday so it isn’t too late to join. These ladies are for real amazing! This is an 8 week challenge to get ready for swim suit season. They give you recipes, workouts everyday, random tips, and even do live workouts twice a week on insta. They also they a tiu team where you can connect with other people doing the Bikini challenge as well. You can also post your tiu challenge on your Instagram. You even get a chance to win an awesome vacation. What I did was make a new Instagram just for this Bikini Series. You can check it out here

Now for the best news IT’S FREE! Yupp that’s right. All you have to do is give your name, email, and the username for your Instagram account you will be using. Really the only thing I have had to buy is dumbells, a yoga mat, and some healthy food. Click here to check out the website and find more information!

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Hope y’all have a blessed day! As always thank you for checking out my blog!



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