Spice up your Food and Metabolism: Dream Body Journey

Did you know certain spices boost your metabolism?  I love spices and for my food to have loads of flavor. Some of these you can use a little bit and barely even taste it in your food. All of these spices I am about to talk about have been proven to boost metabolism. I have seen it on loads of blogs, websites of personal trainers, and etc. I have even tried it myself.

  1. Cinnamon- Here is a spice to give some flavor and satisfy your sweet tooth. I add this to my coffee, pancakes (protein), protein balls, oatmeal, and really anything sweet that I am cooking.
  2. Cayenne Pepper- If you like spicy, like extremely spicy, then this is for YOU! This is one of the most popular spices that boost your metabolism. I basically add this to everything like veggies, veggies noodles, salad, turkey burgers, soups and so much more. Lauren Conrad has even talked about it and many more spices on her blog. This spice is super hot and adds some major flavor to your food. Believe me when I say it DOES NOT take much!!!
  3. Pepper- Yupp just original black pepper. I use this instead of salt with most of my foods. I add this to all my food just like I do with my cayenne pepper. Like I said I love me some flavor.
  4. Turmeric- I am still trying to adjust to this taste and see what I like to cook it with. I throw a little bit on everything that I put my cayenne pepper and black pepper on. I don’t use a lot because it tastes a little bitter to me.
  5. Ginger- I am the same with ginger as I am with turmeric. These two are my most recent spices I have incorporated. I am still trying to figure it out. Ginger is known for amazing cleansing qualities and boosting your immune system. If you have ever had sushi the pinkish orangish stuff they give you is ginger.  Selena Gomez actually drinks a ginger shot a day.
  6. NOT SALT: I don’t use salt. I actually try to stay away from it as much as possible. Table salt that is. The only salt I use is pink Himalayan salt. This salt has so many minerals your body needs. I love it! TJ Maxx is where I always get mine.

The way I see it is a little bit of metabolism boosting is better than nothing and the extra flavor just happens to be a cherry on top.

One of my favorite blogs, Lauren Conrad, talks about tons of spices and so much more. Check her out!

Update on my Dream Body Journey: Well beautiful people I am still losing weight. I am not losing it as fast as I was, but I am still losing. I have also realized it isn’t all about the scale. It is about how your clothes fit and most importantly how YOU feel. My family has told me that they already notice a difference. They also said there are some parts on my body that are noticeably smaller. I will be posting more soon, so stay soon. Feel free to share how you are doing and feel free to ask any questions.

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8 thoughts on “Spice up your Food and Metabolism: Dream Body Journey

  1. I really like your blog, this is such a great post! I love using turmeric. I use it most often when making tofu scramble or sometimes sprinkled on roasted sweet potatoes.

  2. I really think its important to use spices to help your body, they are so healing. I love turmeric. It is so good, I use it in cooking I add it to rice to make yellow rice and I also use it for golden milk. I add cinnamon to a lot of stuff too.

  3. Love these ! Imma try the cinnamon in my coffee trick since I’m on low carb for the summer! Great idea (: love Lauren Conrad too, I don’t read her blog but I should check it out! Thanks for sharing these great spice tips!

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